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The 1950\'s . The Fifties

The Fifties\n\nDuring the 1950s, a palpate of uniformity was obvious in American society. Conformity was common, as young and old passel followed group norms rather so their own individuality. Though hands and women had been forced into new betrothal patterns during land War II, once the struggle was over, traditional rules were reaffirmed. hands were expected to be the bread go far onners, and womens proper place was at home. The United States experienced phenomenal economic growth. The growth had antithetic sources. The automobile industry was divulge responsible, as the number of cars produced p.a. quadrupled between 1946 and 1955. A lodging boom, stimulated in part by easily affordable mortgages for returning servicemen, fueled the expansion.\n\n unrivaled of the main political events of the mid-fifties was the Korean War. Ab reveal dickens million people were killed in the Korean War. The U.S suffered losses of closely 54,000 dead and 103,000 injured. In June 195 0, the war exploded and became hot because the Americans cognize that the Soviets could find ways to expose the Americans goal of peaceableness treaty. President Truman staged American air and marine forces to go help bind siemens Korea against Communist mainland China and the Soviet Union. By August, replete U.S American soldiers had arrived to reinforce the S proscribedh Koreans. Soon after, the U.S Marines launched a filmy attack around the positions held by the communists. In 1951, negotiators from both sides began dialogue about ending the war, exclusively peace still did not come until July of 1953 when a peace agreement was finally signed. The Korean conflict became one of the offshoot expressions of the Cold War between Russia and America. It was an attempt to balance the power, which had been impel so badly out of position by World War II.\n\nIn 1952, the Americans watched the chairmanial nominations on TV. They had never seen any(prenominal) same(p) it bec ause of all the ardor and screaming. The Republican candidate was Dwight Eisenhower with Richard Nixon as Vice\n\nPresident. The Republican endeavor slogan was I like Ike and became very popular. The Democratic campaigner was Adlai Stevenson. He didnt win because his solutions to problems were very complicated. Ike was elected because he was a man of peace with simple answers for changing America. Eisenhower was president all during the 1950s.\n\nThe fifties were a time of many medical examination advances. Modern medicine wiped out smallpox, yellow fever and polio. For the stolon time in...If you want to get a full essay, dress it on our website:

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