Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Agents of socialization essay

The process of socialization is unfolding differently for each person. Some people may be extremely sociable and outgoing while others are absolutely different. They rarely talk when in a big company and try to sit quietly so that not to draw a lot of attention. All people are unique and we cannot judge them for having different temperaments. That is why, we should be patient with everybody as some of them might get scared by our strict attitude.

Speaking about the way we socialize, there are several agents due to which our socialization skills are formed. These are: family, religion, peer group, legal, economic and penal systems, language ans mass media. All the aspects mentioned above influence the formation of our personality.

Due to the dominance of some of them, some of these aspects are more developed than the rest. As a result, they predetermine our behaviour in the society. There are people who try to change the way they behave by suppressing some feelings and emotions and cultivating just the opposite. If all this is done for the greater good, then it's fine. But when the reason is less significant, you will probably end up showing your true self anyway. There's nothing wrong about it.

You just have to be yourself and you'll find your path in life, as well as people who will accompany you. In the process of writing the agents of socialization essay, you'll come to realize that you are fed up and have no desire to continue doing it. Well, you don't have to torment yourself anymore. Place your order on our website, proceed with the payment and we'll take care of the rest!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reflection on jealousy

Every person has been jealousy at some point in time. It is natural to feel jealousy especially when a person admires something out of his or her rich. There are some extents of jealousy that are destructive. Some people turn brutal when they are jealousy and they tend to get what they desire with violence or without the consent of the owner. Other people feel jealousy and strive to achieve whatever they admire through their own sweat.

This kind of jealousy is positive and it acts as a driver towards one’s success. Sometimes it is good to sit back and have a reflection on jealousy. Think and ponder of whether you the kind of person whose jealousy levels are destructive or the kind of person whose jealousy directs him to do good and achieve through legal ways.

In many religions jealousy is categorized into two, the positive and the negative jealousy. Negative jealousy that is destructive is prohibited as it leads to sin or harm. Reflection can help a person know whether his or her jealousy is destructive and through reflection that person will be cautious of allowing jealousy to drive him towheads committing any fraud or harm.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

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