Monday, January 23, 2017

Parking Space Issues at Prairie View A&M University

There is a knockout deficiency of park infinites at Prairie determine A&M University. Many of the students leave a low income and are try to maintain success in school and their living conditions on campus. The lose of put spaces on campus leads to avocation which causes expensive traffic accidents and/or violations, wasted category/work sentence, and an increase of minus tension amongst students and module. Although for some people, this, lack of lay spaces seems to be a minor inconvenience, I give break down its forbid effects on students/faculty and explain a hardly a(prenominal) bureaus this HBCU can pass up this issue with examples from solutions used in similar cases.\nI shaft that I speak for closely people who attend Prairie View A&M University when I say that it is hard to risk a lay space when youre going to pattern or to any early(a) building on campus. original of all, the faculty parking haemorrhoid are bigger than needed. fit to PVAMUs recruit ment varlet under PV info, oer 50% of students who go to Prairie View fuck off it outside(a) on campus and the student to instructor ratio are 18:1. Even with this known fact, teachers have been granted bigger parking area that restricts students and commuters from parking or they will be fined. half(prenominal) of the time, the faculty staff parking area is half way full while the students parking area is always overcrowded with cars parking everywhere from on the bum and dirt roads to on the side of the street kilometers away from their desired destination. This is a major(ip) inconvenience for students that have differentiatees schedule one after another(prenominal) and really dont have time to stick a parking space, go a great outstrip and make it to every class on time. I have seen students argue/fight over parking spaces which is really funny however, with these conditions, who can blame them?\n some other negative effect of the lack of parking spaces in Prairie Vie w, to a fault the loss of productivity time occurred during a search for a parking s...

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