Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Phases of the Armenian Genocide

The Arwork forceian race murder was implemented in ii different phases, which were both roughshod and wrong. First, was the wholesale killing of the adequate to(p) bodied male population. This was through through massacre and labor. The men were killed and tortured in awe-inspiring ways. Ottoman soldiers would often behead men, burn them alive, poison them, and in some facial expressions rip slay limbs and other body move and let the victim break away to death. The act phase was the deportation of Armenian children, women, and elders. These people were forced out of their homes, and to march into the depopulate with no food or water. They were told they were being moved into military machine housing for their own safety, except this was not the case. They Ottoman soldiers would substantiate them keep marching until at long last they died of fatigue and starvation. The women were also often raped and then fire alive when the men were do with them. The list of the m ethods of killing goes on and on, and only gets worse and worse.\nThe concluding death toll of these events is estimated to be spielween 1 and 1.5 meg people. It has now become the second most studied case of Genocide in adult male history and is thought of as one of the first new(a) genocides. For many eld bomb denied the occurrence of the events and that this was actually genocide, however in more recent years they have accept that this was genocide.\nNow that weve discussed what happened during this time, I bet you are wondering wherefore exactly this happened. Well, the history of the Armenian people in this plain goes way back. For about 3,00 years a thriving Armenian community has been present in the area of the Middle East, which is meet by the Black, Mediterranean and Caspian Seas. like a shot this area is known as Anatolia. Over thousands of years heavy(p) powerfulnesss have risen and fall in this region. Despite this, the Armenian people and culture remaine d in this area the whole time. In the 11th century a new great power appeared, which was the Turk...

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