Thursday, February 6, 2014

"The Relationship Is The Therapy" Outline And Eval

The Relationship is the therapy. (Kahn, 1997) Outline and evaluate models which place the counselling bond paper at the heart of the counselling process. Were going to situation at three counselling models: psychodynamic, person-centred and relational. As we shall see they each(prenominal) put on the relationship in distinct ways. Psychodynamic counsellors work with deuce models of the chief, two developed by Freud. The first delineates the unconscious, pre-conscious and conscious, the second identifies three psychical agencies the id, super- ego and ego. The conscious consists of the mental processes and feelings were aware of. The pre-conscious is real that tar keep be reached relatively easily, such as memories. The unconscious is much harder to coming and is the receptacle of both our biological drives, (the id), and of repressed material that we recall in any case uncomfortable to allow into the conscious mind. The ids character is childlike, it indigences irregular gratification, strives to suit its needs met and has no recourse to logic. The super-ego straddles the conscious and unconscious mind and its preoccupation is that we abide by our internal regularise book, in order to keep us safe and socially acceptable. The ego resides in both the conscious and unconscious and has the undertaking of mediating mingled with id and super-ego. The result is behaviour appropriate to the individuals needs, vis-a-vis the realities of the outside demesne. Repression of herculean material to the unconscious, however, brings troubles. Not save does it take large power to keep material repressed, but it is also only semi-effective. The material craves release (Jacobs 2006 p13), and is completely outside our control. It interacts with the outside world unpredictably, such as producing psychosomatic symptoms. Between the demands of the id and ego, and the difficulties of suppressing material, the human intend is intrinsic ally conflicted. To complicate things furthe! r we are resistant to change,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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