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The great person of the twentieth century in my depressive disorder is Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick is a man who is undeniably titled the greatest hacker of our time. He has accomplished m whatsoever great feats passim his life. He has forever changed the way we handle reading security and boldness both computer and hearty networks. In this essay, I cop out explain to you how he got into the field of hacking and what he did to be considered the greatest hacker of our time. Kevin David Mitnick was born August, 6, 1963 he grew up in suburban Los Angles living in a lower optic sectionalisation environment with divorced parents. Kevin is non like most early(a) hackers from today he use a different mode called social engineering, this is the practical application of sociological principles to social problems. At the upraise of twelve, he discovered his first engineerable situation. He recognize that he could bypass the punch card system utilize by the Los Angles bus system . What he did was he bought his own punch, with that he could set free rides anywhere in the greater LA area. complaisant engineering had become his main method of obtaining information throughout his life, whether it is a user name and password, modem phone number, or any other piece of data that he wanted. When Kevin was in high-pitched discipline, he had been introduced to the art of phreaking (phone freak), which is the ability to manipulate telephones, which he had used to evade long distance charges. Kevin was also adept with inexpert radios; with this, he was able to gain unauthorized admission salary to the speaker systems in nearby restaurants. Mitnick had been introduced to computers when he was at the jump on of seventeen by a fellow high school day student, who he knew through his amateur radio hobby. He was non interested in computers at first. His computer course teachers told him that he could not do the course without the required math courses. However, by and by he showed the course teachers wha! t he was able to do with a telephone they waved the math...If you want to get a unspoiled essay, station it on our website:

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