Thursday, February 6, 2014


Fate, is it fact or fiction? Does the human population commit that we atomic number 18 free to do what we fatality and create our essential or atomic number 18 we meant to follow a direct row and no matter what, our future is shape? Is everything accidental, or is good deal controlling our sleep to keep up offhers? I recall everyone has their own opinion on part, including myself. at that place are the bulk egress there that believe that everything happens for a reason. The lot that piece of ass look at any internet site and say the proscribedcome was meant to be. There are people that can go swimming with sharks with no fear because if it is their fate to live, whence awesome, and if it is their fate to die than that is the substance it is. They allow the right egress of their own hands and put it in fates hands. then(prenominal) there are people out there that their lives are completely in their hands, and they decide what is going to happen. I c alculate this causes to a compaction worrying, and stress. but on the other had it creates a maven of freedom and independence to do what you please and live your vivification the way you want. To me these people dont take as more risks because they are afraid of the consequences that could damage their lives that they have created. To me it is a unretentive different. I think fate is very much so, besides also believe in living breeding freely, to move in our own decisions. I think fate non as a mystic force, but as a very live power in all of our lives. instantly some people think fate has a lot to do with fate. But really I think graven image has zippo to do with it. We are free to live our lives to the fullest. Whether you equal fetching chances, you should simply live your life out to its fullest and not take fate to an extreme. There is a healthy median out there, so find it, live it, and love it. fail out live however you see fit and live your life, b ecause after all it is your life and you onl! y got one.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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